Orlando Disorderly Conduct Attorney - Florida Disorderly Conduct Law, Defenses and Information Florida Statute 877.03

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Orlando Disorderly Conduct Attorney

Orlando Disorderly Conduct Attorney

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If you are accused of disorderly conduct in Orlando you need an Orlando disorderly conduct attorney. Disorderly conduct is typically a second degree misdemeanor. The exception is if it occurs in a "licensed establishment". We typically see three types of Orlando disorderly conduct cases; 1) Mutual combat when both parties are fighting. Since both parties are actively participating in the fight a battery charge is not appropriate so the police will often go with a disorderly conduct charge. 2) Yelling, screaming and protesting can often result in a disorderly conduct charge but will rarely result in a conviction. Sometimes this is based on a public disturbance or other times it is based on causing a disturbance when the officer is called to the public disturbance or is trying to maintain peace in a crowded area. These are common as the bars close for the night. Generally people start to gather, usually inhibitions are lowered and police are often present to maintain control of the crowd. If someone starts causing a scene the police will quickly make an arrest for disorderly conduct often with little regard for the constitutional right to free speech. Unless the speech incites a right or causes panic (yelling bomb on an airplane or fire in a crowded theater) it is generally protected. Racial slurs are not protected and can result in a disorderly conduct arrest. 3) Flashing streaking and any type of public nudity can result in an Orlando disorderly conduct arrest. Disorderly conduct can be used instead of lewd and lascivious exhibition which generally requires more than simply flashing or indecent exposure which requires it to be in a vulgar or indecent. Generally simply lifting shirts or dropping pants without a sexual nature can be charge as disorderly conduct. If the act becomes sexual or vulgar beyond simple flashing the police will often go with lewd and lascivious exhibition or indecent exposure. If you are accused of disorderly conduct in Orlando contact Orlando disorderly conduct attorney Kevin J. Pitts at 407-883-6853 to set up a free consultation.

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